10th Oct

Why solar PV is still a great investment for now and the future!

Over recent months there has been much discussion as to the extent that solar PV still makes sense! Here at Best-Eco we have seen the reduction in our very own electricity bills and those who we have worked with through the installation of the PV panels.

We have achieved 100% satisfaction from all of our customers, and we believe that investing in Solar PV is still very much a sound investment, with both environmental and financial benefits.

 STA CEO Paul Barwell spoke about why he still believed that Solar PV was a great investment:

 "Our figures show that solar is a no-brainer investment. Compared to the returns you can get these days in banks and many other investments, solar provides a very solid and attractive return. That is particularly the case if you consider energy bills are rising faster than anyone expected.

“Investors in solar are also helping us to drive an exciting energy revolution, putting power in the hands of everyday people, while saving the planet."

 According to the Solar Trade Association;   

"New calculations show that investing in solar will continue to be attractive for domestic properties despite the reductions in the Feed in Tariff (FiT) tomorrow when the FIT for domestic systems will reduce to 16p and the FIT lifetime will reduce to 20 years. However, the price paid for power exported back onto the grid will increase to 4.5p tomorrow, better reflecting the true market value of locally generated power."

The latest FIT have been quoted in the news section of our website, for a more accurate quote of the cost of installing solar PV in your home, and to discuss the benefits in more detail please call 01352 759713 where you will be able to speak to our Solar PV experts.